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Nursery Workers - January


Children's Church Workers - January


Sunday School:

Teacher: Diane Harvey


Chelsea Klock (7th)

Cheryl Baldwin (14th)

Jessica Soulier (21st)

Sue Merrow (28th)



Morning Worship:

Teacher: Carrie Miller


Melinda Lyon, Kayla (7th)

Sharon Perfetto, Emily (14th)

Yvonne Friscia, Kyler (21st)

Joanne Starkey, Kendall (28th)

Ages 3-5:  Jackie Fleming

Grades 1-3:  Sandy Halbritter


Thank you for your service!


Prayer Chain

If you have a prayer request, please call one of the captains.

Joan McNabb  -  668-2411

Evelyn Romeo - 699-6531

Evelyn Riordan - 668-6023

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Pastor Bruce:

Pastor Andy:

Teresa Smith, Secretary:

Andrew Himes, Chairman of Deacons:

Fran McNabb, Chairman of Trustees: